Studio Phone: 781.231.2883
Studio FAX: 781.231.3433.


Saugus TV is located at 1 Pearce Memorial Drive, in Saugus Massachusetts, in the back corner of the Saugus High School building complex. Simply go to the end of Pearce Memorial Drive where the high school is located. Once there, turn left and go around the bend past the school's service and shop class entrances. At the end you will find the entrance to our studio facility with a red awning above it.


Use the Email list below to contact any member of our staff. To contact the Saugus TV Board of Directors,
please mail inquiries to:
Saugus TV Board of Directors, 1 Pearce Memorial Drive, Saugus, MA 01906.


Bryan Nadeau Executive Director
Rachel Appel Programming Manager
Michelle Madar Production Manager
John Prudent Studio Associate