Saugus TV offers programming on three cable channels: Public (Channel 8), Educational (Channel 22), and Government (Channel 9). To see what shows are playing for each channel, click on the images below. The weekly schedules for each channel are also available below.


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PUBLIC - Comcast Channel 8

The Public Channel is dedicated to community-based programming and
the expression of ideas through media by the citizens of Saugus.


EDUCATIONAL - Comcast Channel 22

The Educational Channel is your place for everything Saugus High School and education in general. From sports to important school committee meetings to events, find it all here.


GOVERNMENT - Comcast Channel 9

See the Saugus government process at work on the Government Channel.
Catch up on the important decisions being made that affect your town.


Public- This Week Channel 8 Public- Last Week Channel 8
Educational- This Week Channel 22 Educational- Last Week Channel 22
Government- This Week Channel 9  Government- Last Week Channel 9