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Press Release




It is election time once again in the Town of Saugus, and Saugus TV offers a number of different ways for candidates to get information out to Saugus residents.

·         Campaign Slides:  Any candidate can place a campaign slide on Saugus TV, that can be seen on Comcast Channel 8, during scheduled and non-scheduled Community Bulletin Board times.


There is NO COST to place a Campaign Slide.

Campaign Slides will air in alphabetical order.

Campaign Slides will run until November 5th at 8PM.

·         Candidate Statement Program Saugus TV invites candidates for Saugus Board of Selectmen and Saugus School Committee to schedule a time to come to the studio, located at 1 Pearce Memorial Dr., to record their candidate statements. Each candidate is allowed three minutes of air time to let viewers know who they are and why they are running for office. This statement is intended to be shot in one take. We allow for on-site review of your take, and will reshoot if necessary. There will be no reshoots available thereafter.


There is no cost to the candidate for participating in this taping.

Starting October 4th, candidates running for Saugus Board of Selectmen or Saugus School Committee that are interested in recording a statement should contact Saugus TV Executive Director Bryan Nadeau to schedule a date and time.

Deadline to record your statement is October 18th at 5PM.

All candidate statements recorded will then be compiled into a single program that will air on Comcast Channel 8 starting October 25th. This program will air three times a day, at random times in the morning, afternoon, and evening until the election is over on November 5th. Air date and times TBD. Saugus TV program schedules are available at www.saugustv.org . The program will also be available to view on our Vimeo page at www.vimeo.com/saugustelevision.    

·         Candidate Forums: Saugus TV may tape and cablecast other organization’s forums and/or debates, with notice at least 5 days prior to the event, subject to crew availability.     


·         Additional Political Programming: SCTV encourages all Saugus residents, persons associated with a businesses or organizations (whether for profit or non-profit), including candidates for any political office, to use the public access channel to communicate their political views.  Candidates and other providers of political programs, as well as the programs themselves, are subject to the same policies and procedures as any other user of SCTV, including with respect to the use of a bulletin board.


Saugus TV is non-partisan, therefore we do not produce programs endorsing specific candidates or ballot questions. We encourage residents, organizations, and businesses to become members of Saugus TV. If a candidate is a member, or becomes a member of Saugus TV, they are entitled to take our courses and learn how to use our video production equipment, and the ability to use it for the purposes of creating a program that will air on Saugus TV.


These programs will be shown on Comcast Channel 8 and will air 4 times a week (like any other member production), at random times, and will run up until 24 hours before the start of the November 5th election day.

Viewers will be able to find these airings on the Saugus TV Program Schedule as “Candidate Spot(s)”

We look forward to working with all of the candidates, and hope that you take advantage of everything Saugus TV has to offer.


Bryan Nadeau

Executive Director, Saugus TV

Saugus Community Television, Inc.

1 Pearce Memorial Dr.

Saugus, MA 01906




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